01. I can't afford to go to the [bar] tonight because I spent too much last week.
02. My favorite [bar] offers free appetizers, like chicken wings, on Friday nights.
03. Superman is able to bend a steel [bar] in half with his bare hands.
04. The little boy bribed his sister with a chocolate [bar] not to tell their mother that he had lost his new watch.
05. In 1969, customers at a [gay] bar in New York clashed with police in an incident many consider to be the birth of the homosexual rights movement.
06. Frank Lloyd Wright once said that an architect's most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board, and a wrecking [bar] at the site.
07. He often hangs out at a gay [bar] with his homosexual friends.
08. I forgot I had a chocolate [bar] in my pocket, and it melted all over my leg.
09. Can you tend [bar] while I go clear off the tables?
10. We spent the evening at the [bar], drinking and talking about work, girlfriends and life in general.
11. He was thrown out of the [bar] after getting into a fight with another patron.
12. The monkeys came up to the [bars] of the cage and took food right out of our hands.
13. The prisoner was able to saw through the [bars] of his cell and escape.
14. A number of the prisoners were yelling and banging the [bars] of their cells with their tin cups.
15. She slipped on a [bar] of soap in the shower and broke her arm.
16. The children crowded around the soldiers as they began handing out chocolate [bars].
17. We took along a few fruit and nut [bars] for snacks during our hike.
18. Bill has been [barred] from a number of different pubs around town because he always gets really drunk and obnoxious.
19. The police [barred] the door when a crowd of teenagers tried to get into the concert without paying.
20. The little boy tried to run away, but the bully [barred] his path.
21. We sat at the sushi [bar] where we could watch the chef making all the food.
22. I know the woman who works behind the [bar], so she'll give us a good deal on the drinks.
23. The military has [barred] all roads leading into the capital city in an attempt to stop the rebels from advancing.
24. [Barring] any unexpected delays, we should be able to catch the ten o'clock train.
25. We should be able to complete the report by Monday, [barring] any unanticipated problems.
26. A Swedish proverb suggests that it's better to sit in the [bar] and think of church than to sit in church and think of the [bar].
27. Lyndon Johnson once stated that poverty must not be a [bar] to learning, and learning must offer an escape from poverty.
28. Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said, "No one can [bar] the road to truth, and to advance its cause I am prepared to accept even death."
29. Fifty years ago, African Americans were [barred] from playing professional sports, due to racism.
30. Mia Hamm once advised, "Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the [bar] a little higher each time you succeed."
31. A Chinese proverb notes that a [bar] of iron continually ground becomes a needle.
32. The runner was [barred] from the competition after testing positive for a banned substance.
33. [Barring] any interruptions, we should be finished in about an hour.
34. Daryl has been [barred] from a number of nightclubs in town for starting fights.

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